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Symposium "Progress in Suspected- and Non-target-analytic. Software tools, Databases, and their application"

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 groupphoto symposiumParticipants symposium 27./28. March 2014


Workshop „STOFF-IDENT & openMASP“

At the mid-term of the project RISK-IDENT a Workshop “STOFF-IDENT & openMASP” took place in Freising-Weihenstephan from April 18th to 19th 2013. For the first time the new database STOFF-IDENT that is developed by the project partners from LfU, TUM and HSWT, was presented to interested experts. Furthermore, the visitors of the workshop had here the chance to test the database. Around 40 persons participated in the workshop. The participants belonged to the fields of liquid chromatography, water analytics, bioinformatics who program software for analytics and evaluation of analytic chemistry, as well as representatives of well-known manufactures and corporate sales for analytical instruments.

During the first three talks openSource-platforms were presented: First of all the software was elucidated that is the basis of the openMASP program. Eclipse-framework is used here. Eclipse is a platform for application development (Integrated Development Environment, IDE). It is sponsored by an industrial consortium and can be used from all interested people as free and open software. The thereby used modular software architecture allows upgrading the applications of Eclipse and an application as basis for component-based software – for example the analytic area.

The following four presentations concerned the project RISK-IDENT: First the project and then the current development status of the database “STOFF-IDENT” developed during the project were presented. Afterwards the RTI (retention-time-index) and a realized ring test were illustrated. With the aid of the RTI data from LC-MS-analyses are more comparable, i.e. the retention time from different laboratories and methods are standardized – an essential factor for the identification of so far unknown contaminants. Software modules for the database “STOFF-IDENT” as well as the calculation of RTI were programed as openSource-platform, so they are freely available for interested developers.

At the second day two workshops took place: Workshop 1 approached the analytic module of the retention time index. In workshop 2 the participants could test the database “STOFF-IDENT”. The project partner showed first application scenarios as well as further tools, like the calculation of the RTI. Useful suggestions for further development of the database could be obtained or acquired. Especially the feedback of the academic visitors was of high interest.


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 Speech Dr. Manfred Sengl (above) Zuhörer (below)

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