WP 2 Analytic

After method developing and optimizing in the laboratory of LfU, the analysis for WP3 to 5 was performed. Where available it was conducted with isotope-labeled internal standards. It has been shown that commercial available standards need to be tested for their isotopic purity and metabolites which can emerge as a by-product during synthesis.

The laboratories of LW and TUM test the effluent of the laboratory sewage treatment plant (LSTP) and aquifer columns by use of suspected- and non-target-analytic on the transformation products (TPs) of pharmaceuticals and biocides that emerged in WP3 and 5. In the LSTP between cero and seven TPs could be identified, depending on the parent substance. Many TPs have been found in the laboratories of LW as well as in TUM.

In December 2012 a Germany-wide proclaimed collaborative ring trial to the retention time index (RTI) with 25 laboratories and 36 HPLC-methods has been finished successfully. The laboratories gauged the substances with known logP (reference mix) and a mixture of “unknown” substances. With the aid of specifically developed software (openMASP.hswt.de) the retention time of logP-value was normalized. Subsequently the values for the unknown substances are adjusted in an inter-laboratory-study (in total 54 injections). The discrepancy of the values was between very good 2 to 6 %. Further studies with other steady-state phases are currently in process.